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Food Services

Good nutrition and academic success go together!

Our Food Services Department consists of a team of food and nutrition professionals who are dedicated to students' health, well-being, and their ability to learn. We support academic success by providing healthy meal choices while promoting lifelong nutrition and fitness practices.


Did you know that breakfast increases your child’s brain power? Our bodies convert breakfast food into energy for use by our brain. When children skip breakfast, they must rely on the energy from their last meal to fuel their brain. Without breakfast, kids typically have a gap of twelve hours or more between dinner and lunch. This can make them tired and restless.

Our school breakfast ensures your child starts the school day well-nourished and ready to learn. For $1.95 per day, your child receives whole grains, fruit, and protein. These are all the ingredients your child needs to fuel his or her brain for optimal learning.

Prepaid Meal Accounts

We have arranged our hot lunch program so that students have prepaid meal accounts for their meals. If you choose to have your child use his/her lunch account, you must have money in the account before the student can make a meal purchase. Any lunch account with a $10 or greater deficit will have a restricted menu.

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Joyce Chadwick
Food Service Manager
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