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Our students are making headlines, and we want to share all the great news with you. We will keep this page updated with important announcements, news stories, and student shout-outs. Please check back often, and help us celebrate our students’ many achievements.

Missoula Children’s Theater

Missoula Children’s Theater will be producing The Secret Garden. Tryouts will be April 8, and performances will be April 12 at 1:00 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. The music department is looking for someone willing to house 1–2 young adults for the seven days. If you would be willing and able to help, please contact Ms. Slater. Thank you!

Happy 100th Day of School

We recently celebrated our 100th day of school. Thank you for all you did to help us get here. We look forward to working with you for the next 75 days!

Cold Weather

Parents we have encountered a bit of a problem at recess time the last few weeks that we need your help in addressing. We have several students who are coming to school without proper winter clothing and then coming to the office to borrow what they are lacking. It has become difficult to determine where there is a real need and where it is just a habit. Oftentimes upwards of ten students are waiting at the counter for various items when they have gear in their backpack. In an effort to quell the problem we are asking parents and students to make an extra effort to make sure that students have the “BIG 5” (coat, snow pants, gloves, hat, and boots) everyday. If they come to the office to borrow, we will call you or send a note home to determine if the need is real. Thank you for your help in this matter.