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Elementary School

Kemmerer Elementary School (K–2)

Kemmerer Elementary School serves students in kindergarten through second grade. Our caring, compassionate teachers and support staff work tirelessly to help every child achieve to the best of his or her ability.

A Message from Our Principal

Dear Families:

At our small and close-knit school, we’re very proud of our students and their accomplishments. Our dedicated staff members work hard everyday to bring the best learning opportunities possible to our student body. We encourage parent involvement in our school events and activities.

I have an open door policy, so you are welcome to drop by anytime. However, it may save time if you call for an appointment, as I may have other appointments or commitments.


Shawn Rogers

Shawn Rogers, Principal

Library & Technology

Students participate in library classes, where they learn how to use the library for learning and enjoyment. Students may check out books during this media time.

In our computer lab, KES students learn how to correctly operate and respectfully use our state-of-the-art computers.

KES classrooms are equipped with interactive white boards—some with response clickers, overhead speakers, and Promethean software.

K–2 Grading System

Kindergarten through 2nd grade uses the following grading system:

A = Advanced
P = Proficient (demonstrates understanding of the standard)
B = Basic (demonstrates some understanding of the standard. May need additional support)
BB = Below Basic (requires extensive support or provides little or no evidence in meeting the standard)
S = Satisfactory progress
U = Unsatisfactory progress