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In Lincoln County School District #1, technology is an integrated part of all classrooms. The district recognizes teacher and student technology needs and strives to meet those needs. Technology in the classroom supports instruction, helping students and teachers reach high district standards.  

In the 2018-2019 school year, the district moved to a one-to-one environment, allowing teachers to use technology to support the curriculum without scheduling around lab times. Students K-2 have a dedicated iPad for use in the classroom. Students 3-12 use Chromebooks in the classroom everyday with minimal take-home privileges starting in grade five for some projects or work and fulltime take-home privileges starting in grade seven.  Take-home privleges allow students the ability to complete work outside of school even when a home computer is not available.

These devices have provided teachers a great deal of flexibility in their instruction. Kindergarten students now have access to technology without having to learn how to use a mouse first.  The time saved in the classroom is significant without the transition to labs.  State and other computerized testing can take place in the familiar classroom setting rather than a lab.

COVID Special Circumstances — While we hope to remain in school for the entire school year if it were necessary to close campus, devices could be checked out at all grades to provide for online learning. 

The technology department looks forward to supporting the district’s future educational goals!. 

If you have technology-related questions, please contact us so we can assist you.

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