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Student Wellness


School Health is a vital piece of each and every student’s learning experience at LCSD #1.  The purpose of the School Health program is to supplement the efforts and guidance of parents to bring about an awareness on the part of students of regular health care.

The objectives of the School Health program are:

  1. To promote good health habits among students
  2. To stimulate a sanitary and healthful environment in school
  3. To assist in detecting and recommending correction for medical, psychological, and physical handicaps of students

For any other questions regarding Student Health, please contact any of our school offices or our school nurse. 


Vision and hearing screenings are completed annually.  Vision screenings are completed on students in grades K – 7, 9, 11.  Hearing screenings are completed on students in grades K – 3, 5, 7, 9, 11.  We also complete them on all Special Education students, new students or by parent/teacher request.

Parents are notified by phone if their child fails their vision screening.  We recommend follow-up with an eye doctor for further evaluation. If parents don’t have vision insurance, they can contact us to get a Lion’s Club application and/or referral.

If a student doesn’t pass their hearing screening, we repeat the screening in about 4 weeks.  Sometimes illness can affect the result of the hearing screening.  If the student doesn’t pass the second hearing screening, we contact the parent to recommend further evaluation of their student’s hearing.


[Refer to Policy JHCD] Any medication, prescription or over-the-counter medication, to be administered to a student by a delegated staff during the school day or during school related activities, must include a doctor’s order, be in the original container and have parent’s permission on the Administration of Medication form. Forms are available at the school office. Only a delegated staff member or the school nurse may administer medications. All medications, including, over the counter must be supplied by parents. Exceptions to the policy are: Cough Drops (must be provided by the parent/guardian), Lotion, Lip Balm.


School attendance is very important for your child’s academic success. However, if your child is not feeling well or complains of illness before he/she leaves for school, it is advantageous to keep him/her home. This helps protect healthy students and also prevents a sick student from contracting further illness. Any student with a fever needs to remain home during the fever (100˚ or over as commended by the CDC) and for 24 hours after the fever breaks without the use of fever-reducing drugs. Children who come to the nurse’s office having vomited or with a fever will be sent home; other conditions will be reviewed on an individual basis.  Our school follows Children’s Hospital Colorado’s Illness Policy.


Wyo. Stat. § 21-4-309 and the Wyoming Immunization Rules establish the immunization requirements for children attending Wyoming schools. It is the parent/guardian responsibility to provide record of those immunizations within 30 days of starting school.  If you do not submit the immunization record, or if your child is not up to date on required immunizations, they will not be able to attend school until proper documentation is received. 

Image of linked Immunization Chart

If a parent/guardian chooses to not immunize their child, they must fill out a waiver request and submit it to the State Health Department.  The State or County Health Officer will approve or deny this request.  Waiver requests can be found at the links below.

Medical Waiver Request

Religious Waiver Request

Health and Wellness Staff

Social Emotional Information

Student Policy

For further questions/concerns regarding Student Health including immunizations, communicable diseases, medication and more, please review our Student policy:

Policy J