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For the safety of all of our patrons, please obey the rules. Here are a few for quick reference, but be sure to check the Pool Regulations document for more details.

Dress Code

  • All swimmers must wear an approved swim suit that is clean and has suitable means for tightening.
  • We do not permit cut-offs.
  • Guests may not wear street shoes in the pool area. Please wear aqua socks or similar wear.
  • Little patrons must wear swim diapers.


  • All patrons must shower before entering the water.

Parent or Guardian Accompaniment

  • A parent must accompany all children under the age of six, under 42 inches tall, or those who have not yet passed Level III of the American Red Cross “Learn to Swim” program.

Diving Board Rules

  • One person at a time may be on the diving structure.
  • Divers may bounce only one time per dive.
  • There will be no swimming in the deep end when the boards are open.
  • We will not tolerate shoving or butting at any time.
  • Look for 25 feet of clearance before diving.
  • Board users must swim immediately to the board’s side of the diving area.
  • An authorized person must accompany the diver and supervise any fancy dive attempts.


      Pool Regulations